Creative dad adds doodles to his kid’s photos, making their album look fun and cool

Parents like to hold on to memories and taking thousands of photos of their young ones seem to be the best way to freeze those memories in time.

Image by Yota7454 via Instagram

And as technology evolved, photos and photo albums have upgraded too. We now have photobooks, digital albums and more.

But one Japanese father is spicing it up a notch higher by adding his own creativity to his children’s photos.

Dad Yota, who goes by the name yota7454 on Instagram, adds flair and “coolness” to his children’s photo by doodling over them.

The father-of two adds fun drawings and designs to his kids photos, including big wolves, funny cartoons and other pop culture references.

Image by Yota7454 via Instagram

You will not see an ordinary “baby in a bath” photo as the artist dad takes his children on epic adventures and fairy tale stories.

The imaginative dad’s children who are aged 1 and 3 years old have become Harry Potter’s wizard friends, become a Princess Beauty with her Beast, Batman and even a ski boarding champion.

His creativity takes his children on a fun time as he scribbles over their adorable photos.

Image by Yota7454 via Instagram

He has been making these creative photos since 2016 and has come up with amazing and unique ideas.

Netizens enjoy figuring out the references behind the dad’s doodles. Sailor Moon, Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Detective Conan, Disney’s Moana, Moon Bunny; the list and possibilities seem endless for the creative dad.

His latest creation is based on the upcoming Disney’s animated film, Toy Story. Here he transforms his youngest son, Yuito into a happy cowboy.

So, if you’re looking forward to giving your photos an upgrade, grab your camera and prepare your creativity for some fun doodle art.