Centenarian shares secret to long life is finding a good wife

A centenarian from Canada shared that having a good wife or a spouse is the secret to long life.

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Happy wife, happy life?

While many have already agreed that having a happy wife could lead to a happy life, a man said that having a good wife could even extend your life.

Esmond Allcock from Kerrobert, Saskatchewan in central Canada lived up to 108-year-old and attributed his long life to his “good wife.”

Esmond was married to his wife Helen for 72 years. He later on lived alone in their family home for a short time and then decided to move into the Kerrobert Health Centre.

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Esmond was one of the oldest persons in Canada. During his 108th birthday party, the health care facility threw him a party.

When asked what was his secret to long life, Esmond said his lucky “elixir” was finding a good spouse. He said, “I didn’t behave myself for a few years there, but then I got a really good wife.”

And it looks like science is even backing up Esmond’s claim. Several studies have shown that husbands whose wives described their marriage as “happy” lived longer.

Tilburg University in the Netherlands have published in the journal Psychological Science a study showing that having a contented and happy wife (or husband) is going to mean a longer life for you.

They said that when a partner is miserable with his marriage, it would likely lead to a more inactive life and leave them feeling depressed.

Another study by social psychologist Olga Stavrova also found that people with happy spouses — those who would strongly agree with the statement “I am satisfied with my life” — lived longer than people with unhappy spouses.

Good wife, long life indeed!

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