Bituin Escalante thinks only Regine would pick her if she joins ‘Idol Philippines’

Bituin Escalante shared her opinion on the much-talked about judges of the singing reality show “Idol Philippines.”

The singer tweeted that if she auditioned for “Idol Philippines”, only Regine Velasquez would pick her and she’d be “okay” with it.

Image by Bituin Escalante via Facebook page

Bituin tweeted, “If I joined Philippine Idol, Hindi ako papasa sa judges… kay Reg lang. At ok ako doon.”

The tweet quickly drew comments and opinion from netizen as it gained over 32,000 likes.

A netizen replied to Bituin’s tweet and said in jest, “Malamang siguro. Masyado mataas ‘yung standards noong 3 na judge. Pang world class. Lol.”

Image by Idol Philippines via Facebook page

To which, Bituin replied, “I can hear it nga e. ‘Nandoon naman po ‘yung voice but I need to see star quality.’”

Another netizen @burgerrking told Bituin that she is more deserving to be a judge, “Well in all honesty Ms. Bituin, mas deserve mo maging judge.”

Bituin replied to the netizen, “Ay Kung judge ako, walang sisikat kasi lahat hihikayatin kong mag teatro.”

Aside from Regine, the other three judges are Vice Ganda, Moira Dela Torre and James Reid. The judges have often been the center of criticisms as netizens debated if they were credible enough to become judges of a big singing competition.

Moira had admitted she felt hurt but said she was chosen as a judge for a reason. James, too defended himself; saying he earned his spot on the show.

Bituin continued to explain that she isn’t trying to spread negativity but that sometimes being a singer isn’t enough.

“I’m not trying to serve tea or throw shade. It’s a moment of self awareness. I am a singer but to other people that is just not enough. But I am ok with that,” she said.

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