Bianca Gonzalez believes in “no gadgets” rule during bonding time with kids

Bianca Gonzalez- Intal gave an advice to other parents not to use gadgets when they are bonding with their kids.

Image by Bianca Gonzalez via Facebook page

For Bianca, having quality time with her kids is very important. The celebrity mom makes it a point to always be present when she plays with her daughters Lucia and Carmen. Part of being present is having a “no gadget” rule for herself.

Biance told Pep, “‘Yun yung nag-i-stick sa bata. I work from home din kasi, I write and I edit. Alam ng anak ko yun. Kunwari naglalaro siya diyan, nasa computer ako sa table.

“She’ll say, ‘Excuse me, mommy.’ ‘Tapos she’ll ask me something.”

“But once I’m done with whatever work that I have to do, talagang sa kanya ako.

“I’ll try not to check my phone. I’ll leave my phone somewhere else,” she added.

Image by Bianca Gonazalez via Facebook page

Bianca shared the happiness she feels whenever her daughter recognizes her efforts of being a hands-on mom.

She said, “Kasi I recently taught my daughter how to pray. So, thank you God for the ganyan at the end of the night. Thank you God for ganito. And then when it comes to me, she always says, ‘Thank you God for my mommy who always hugs and kisses me.’”

“So parang, for me, sa dami ng ginagawa ko para sa kanya na hindi man niya alam, at the end of the day, pinaka nag-i-stick sa kanya, ‘yung hug and kisses. So, ‘yun, for me, it’s the quality of time or showing them your full attention kapag nandun ka,” she said.

Bianca also shared how being a mother has made her less “vocal” on her opinion online. She explained that she would rather focus her energy on taking care of her children than deal with negativity.

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