Beware: Rabies can be transmitted through a simple scratch

  • Rabies could bring terrifying consequences to an infected person
  • Dr. Maricelle Licuanan Resureccion said all the virus needs is a point of entry like a broken skin
  • She said contracting the virus via a scratch is possible
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The consequence of rabies to an infected person is often fatal. The symptoms are terrifying. An end to an infected’s existence could be inevitable.

Rabies, according to WebMD, may affect the brain and spinal cord of all mammals like dogs, cats, and humans.

The infection spreads primarily through its passage from an infected animal.

Dr. Maricelle Licuanan Resureccion, founder of the Philippine Pet Birth Control Center, said all the virus needs is a point of entry like a broken skin; adding that not all infected animals show aggression so there is initially no way to determine whether or not an animal is infected.

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Resureccion said although it is unlikely to contract rabies from a scratch, it can still happen.

“While you get infected with rabies when bitten by an infected dog or cat, it can be just as fatal when a rabid dog or cat with saliva-infested nails — say, one that has been licking its paws — scratches a human,” Inquirer quoted her saying.

She advised people believed to be infected with rabies to go to a human hospital or an animal bite center for immediate vaccination.

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“Do not pet dogs or cats you do not know, even if they are friendly. Ask the owner’s permission first. For stray dogs and cats, if you see one and you feel sorry for them, call animal rescue. Only professionals, or someone vaccinated, should handle stray dogs and cats,” Resurreccion said.

Jackson White Law shared that rabies has the possibility to spread within 24-48 hours and can completely take over the host’s body.