AiAi delas Alas shares how she gets along with “millennial” husband

AiAi delas Alas is all happy and satisfied with her marriage to husband Gerald Sibayan.

Image by AiAi delas Alas via Instagram account

Despite the couple’s almost 30-year age gap, they recently celebrated their 5th wedding anniversary. Even with some of the public’s skepticism, the couple is proving that their marriage is for keeps.

The secret to their marriage despite their age gap is simply that they don’t actually act their age.

Delas Alas described her 25-year-old husband as being an “old soul.” She told GMA, “‘Yung asawa ko millennial. Pero ang asawa ko lumang tao.”

Delas Alas, who is 54 years old shared she’s sometimes more updated with “millennial” trends than her husband.

“Minsan ‘yung mga kantang alam ko, hindi niya alam. Pero ‘yung mga alam niyang lumang kanta, yun ang alam niya,” she said.

“Sinabi niya, alam mo millennial ka. Sabi ko, ikaw rin sa edad, millennial ka,” Delas Alas added.

Image by AiAi delas Alas via Instagram account

The comedienne went on to jokingly say she’s only “feeling millennial.”

Delas Alas and Sibayan got married in December 2017 at the Christ the King Parish in Quezon City after four years of being a couple.

On Instagram, Delas Alas couldn’t help but be emotional as she celebrated their 5th anniversary.

She exclaimed, “Yun na at dito tayo nauwi sa kasalan. I love you darl and sa video na ito napatunayan ko na mahal na mahal mo pala ako talaga.”

The couple also isn’t closing their doors on the possibility of welcoming their own children. Delas Alas said she believes she can still get pregnant the “natural way.” However, they are also looking into medical procedures such as in vitro fertilization. They added they are planning to have a baby by 2020.