The office of the future

Do you want to work in a relaxing place away from typical work pressures, with uninterrupted connection, and unlimited coffee? Then the office of the future is the best place for you.

Image from Work Folk via Facebook

The office of the future, which is also called co-working space, is a shared communal place built specifically for remote workers, freelancers, independent professionals, and startup firms.

According to the Harvard Business Review, a co-working space becomes the new work environment for the next generation workers where the productivity level is higher compared to those employees working in a regular office.

One reason why co-working space is becoming popular and slowly thriving at present work setting is because it can accommodate different kinds of workers from different companies where direct competition, internal issues, and politics between co-workers are avoided.

One benefit a worker may get in a co-working space is any necessary help and additional knowledge from other people. The relationship between them may not be direct workmates but the management assures a rapport is built.

Image from Work Folk via Facebook

In Makati, there is a co-working space called Work Folk established by Hospitality Innovators Inc. (HII) last August 2018.

Service and hospitality is the main concern for clients who chose to do their works here. According to the company, they are consistently catering workspace with 98 percent occupancy.

“Instead of going to noisy cafés to work, people who don’t have a physical office now have the option to work in a space with a much more conducive professional atmosphere, where they can work the whole day and network with clients,” said in an interview by Shirley Marie P. Santos, the community head of Work Folk.

Image from Work Folk via Facebook

Co-working spaces like Work Folk guarantee a conducive working environment built with modern interior and equipped with latest technological office tools.

According to Santos, Work Folk provides not only a workspace and an internet connection, but thre are also free to use office supplies including printer and papers. Unlimited coffee, tea, and water supply are also offered for free.

“Today, there is a demand for flexibility. Traditional offices require people to rent an office with a long-term lease. That won’t be easy if you’re starting out or on a budget. We can allow you to rent a space for a month, three months or six months,” Santos added.

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