Pilot saves the day by safely landing plane without front wheels

A pilot in Myanmar is being hailed a hero after safely landing a plane with only its rear wheels.

According to an official, the plane’s landing gear failed; forcing the jet into an emergency landing Sunday morning.

The emergency landing, luckily with no one hurt, was the second instance of a malfunctioning flight in Myanmar in less than a week.

Image via Cape Diamond’s Twitter account

Myanmar Airlines flight UB-103 – an Embraer-190 model – was grounded at around 9 am in Mandalay, a city popular among foreign tourists, with all 89 people on board, including seven crew members, safe.

According to reports, on approach to Mandalay, the flight crew noticed they cannot extend the nose gear. The flight crew conducted two low approaches for air traffic controllers in the tower to check the landing gear.

When told that the landing gear had not extended, the pilots entered a hold to burn fuel before conducting a nose up landing.

Image via Cape Diamond’s Twitter account

After burning off as much fuel as possible to lighten their aircraft, the flight crew landed on Mandalay’s runway 17 with their nose gear up; skillfully balancing the plane on its main gear for as long as they could.

Some smoke reportedly entered the cabin. The aircraft, which received substantial damage, was evacuated via the emergency slides.

In a statement, the airline said pilot Captain Myat Moe Aung “followed emergency procedures and did the fuel burn out to reduce the landing weight,” before bringing the jet down onto its rear wheels; lowering the nose carefully onto the runway on which it skidded for about 25 seconds before stopping.

Watch the video here.

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