OFW who received unpleasant treatment in Hong Kong gains business success in Japan

  • Jonalyn Toyoto, 37, had an unfortunate experience in Hongkong
  • Toyoto tried her luck in Japan
  • She is now an owner of an immigration consultancy firm in Japan
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The unpleasant experiences of 37-year-old Jonalyn Toyoto in Hongkong did not stop her from trying her luck again across the seas. Now, she has found her desired success in the Land of the Rising Sun.

Presently, Toyoto is the owner of Forza Consultants, an immigration consultancy firm. Her business can be found near Nagoya, capital of Japan’s Aichi Prefecture.

In a recent visit in Hongkong, as per The Sun Hongkong, the Filipina shared some of her experiences in the area some five years ago.

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She narrated that she worked as a domestic helper for a wealthy family in Kennedy Town. There she endured poor treatment from her female employer; like not being fed properly, working long hours, and receiving daily scoldings.

The Filipina disclosed she was only given rice or noodles to eat once a week, but she often only eats boiled onions — residue from boiling the bulb for the essence that she administered to the couple’s child as a cough remedy.

Moreover, she was sent once a week to the house of her female employer’s mother to work.

Toyoto shared that she was under constant watch by her employer especially when the latter notices her husband was being nice to her.

She said she slept on the couch but would move to the floor when the employer’s mother visits.

Apparently, as posted on Expat Readers, she returned home as she could no longer bear her working condition. But surrendering was never an option to her it seems.

Later on, she went to Japan as a tourist and then worked in a sports bar with a minimum wage — just enough to pay rent.

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While working, based on Abante, she started giving advice to Filipino migrants re immigration problems.

Her ability was soon noticed by the hotel owner who reportedly asked a friend to lend her an immigration consultancy license so she could legally work and open her own office.

Toyoto immediately built Forza Consultants.