New hairstyle of Meteor Garden’s ‘Pineapple head’ Jerry Yan wows netizens

Actor Jerry Yan, who rose to fame when he portrayed Dao Ming Si in the hit Taiwanese series in 2001, has been known for being “Pineapple Head”.

Images via Images via Fc Jerry Yan (F4)’s Facebook page

Nearly 20 years later, he’s now amazing everyone with his new hairstyle — a K-poppish red hair which makes him look even younger!

“This guy never age,” NL said. 

“I think he has a stylist who is into K-pop,” AN thought.

Image via’s YouTube account

“Looking like oppa now. Hope can see you in person one day,” CW commented. Many also said that he is really the “original OPPA”, long before the global K-pop phenomenon began.

Yan started his career in the entertainment industry when he became a model in 2000 after winning the 1998 TVBS Modelling Competition and Men’s UNO modelling competition.

In 2001, he began his acting career when he starred in the television series Love Scar. In the same year, he rose to fame with his role as Dao Ming Si. He was 24 years old then.

Now, the original Dao Ming Si is already 42 years old — but it certainly looks like he has not aged a bit.

The well-known F4 leader remains to be one of the most famous international stars and still maintains his huge fanbase in the Philippines; where Meteor Garden’s Tagalized version was aired in 2003 via ABS-CBN.

Here are some videos of Jerry Yan where you can see his new K-poppish hairstyle:

Where do you keep your fountain of youth, Jerry?