Nadine excites fans as she screams “Darna” for the first time

Nadine Lustre screamed the iconic Darna line in a vlog for the first time and the clamor to make her the next Darna just intensified.

After watching and hearing Lustre deliver the famous line “Ding ang bato,” followed by a firm yet almost thunderous shout of “Darna,” netizens thought it was already a done deal.

Image Capture of Video by Donnalyn Bartolome via Youtube

They said Nadine should really get the role.

The brief reenactment was part of Donnalyn Bartolome’s vlog which was posted on Youtube on May 7.

In the two-minute mark of the five-minute video, Bartolome pleaded with Lustre to perform the iconic line. 

Lustre was at first hesitant as she has been “avoiding” any Darna-related talks despite being named by Director Erik Matti as the perfect artist for the role, following the departure of Liza Soberano from the project.

Bartolome, however, persuaded Lustre; saying she should not avoid her being linked to Darna because it suits her.

“Huwag mong i-avoid kasi bagay sa ‘yo. Kahit hindi pa o hindi man (maging Darna), in my opinion, dapat kanya yun (role),” Bartolome said in an effort to convince Lustre to do the act.

Lustre eventually agreed. “I’ll do it for you,” she said.

Image Capture of Video by Donnalyn Bartolome via Youtube

The vlog has been viewed over 167k times since its posting. People, who commented on the video mostly said that Lustre suits the role and pointed out that the way she screamed the Pinay superhero’s name made her more perfect for the role.

One viewer on Youtube, Jeff Bunggay, said “I don’t approve her being ‘Darna’ but when I watched this and heard her shout Darna, I’m so lost for words. She’s the one.”

“Nadine doesn’t need Darna. Darna needs Nadine,” was all Krystal Mae, another Youtube viewer, can say after watching the video.