Moira dela Torre on being ‘Idol Philippines’ judge: “I can’t force you to like me”

Moira dela Torre is aware of the criticisms being hurled at her for being an Idol Philippines judge. But she said she isn’t backing down and is here to stay.

Image by Moira dela Torre via Facebook page

When Idol Philippines presented its four judges, Regine Velasquez, James Reid, Vice Ganda and Moira, many eyebrows were raised. Many questioned the chosen judges’ credibility.

But Moira, she has learned to manage the criticisms.

She reportedly told Pep, “Pini-filter naman namin. Yung constructive criticism, I take it to heart.”

The Malaya singer defended herself; saying the public doesn’t know everything about them.

Image by Moira dela Torre via Facebook page

She said, “Ang dami rin kasi nilang hindi alam na nangyayari behind the camera. Ang dami rin nilang hindi alam in terms of you as an artist, you as a person.”

“But at the end of the day, I have nothing but respect. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion,” she added.

“If that’s what you think, I can’t force you to like me, but I’m here,” Moira said.

The singer went on to share how thankful she is for her fellow “Idol” judges and even the crew of the show for making her feel welcome.

Moira said, “I’m not definitely in the level of Mama Reg and Ate Vice or James, but I never felt that. Not from them.”

“Kasi sobrang welcoming, sobrang humble nila, sobrang talented. Ang dami ko talagang natutunan. I’m so honored kasi, you know, I grew up watching them, “ she added.

Moira also thanked James whom she described as “amazing” and helped her feel comfortable on the set.

“Si James kasi, matagal na rin siya, so matagal na rin akong sumusubaybay,” she added.

Moira was also once a dreamer when she joined “The Voice Philippines”. She made it up to battle rounds.

She said that experience made her more considerate in giving second chances to contestants.