Lustre finally reacts to “President Nadine meme”

After making rounds for months on the internet, Nadine Lustre finally breaks her silence and reacts to President Nadine Lustre memes.

Image from @AlteaTheWhy via Twitter

Nadine is the role model of many Filipino youths in this generation. No wonder why her fans’ adoration of her has taken it to the next level where a viral meme was born which popularly became known as President Nadine Lustre.

There are different versions of the said meme edited by different users which first circulated on Twitter.

One was from @AlteaTheWhy. It is a collage photo of all the Presidents of the Philippines, including of course a photo of Nadine as the 16th President.

Another set of photos were from her photo shoot where she wore a stylish oversized blazer retweeted by Twitter user @christiangultz with a caption “The President of the Philippines after her first cabinet meeting.”

Image from @loriegirlsakura via Twitter

There were also photos of Nadine as a judge on “It’s Showtime” where @loriegirlsakura tweeted with a caption, “Madame President Nadine Lustre delivering her speech.”

Added to the long list of memes was a Twitter post from @walkingeyebrows regarding Nadine as not just as the President of the Philippines but also as a God.

Image from @walkingeyebrows via Twitter

“Honestly it’s just really nice to be someone a lot of people look up to, na ako ‘yung parang inspiration nila, na they look at me as someone who’s strong, who is very empowered, someone who is inspiring also,” Nadine said in an interview.

She is very pleased to be a role model and an inspiration to many people since it is her goal since day one to influence others in working hard to achieve their dreams.

“Since the beginning naman, noong pumasok ako sa showbiz, iyon naman po talaga ‘yung gusto kong gawin. I want everyone to realize na… Just strive, reach for your dreams,” she explained.