James Reid defends decision to reject ‘Idol Philippines’ aspirant Luke Baylon

Just like everyone else who auditioned in Idol Philippines, Luke Baylon wanted to make it big and be different. His unique reggae rendition of Alicia Keys’ “If I Ain’t Got You” captivated many netizens and viewers of the show.

Image by Idol Philippines via Facebook page

And while netizens were impressed with Luke, three out of the four judges weren’t. Vice Ganda, James Reid and Moira dela Torre all rejected Luke. Only Regine Velasquez said “yes” to him.

The Idol Philippines’ decision opened a barrage of criticisms online. Many netizens were clearly not happy with Luke’s missed chance.

James decided to defend himself on Twitter.

Image by James Reid via Facebook page

He said, “You have no idea how hard it is to crush peoples dreams right in front of them. That’s the burden we carry as judges to try and give one special person a chance of a lifetime. Just wait. The auditions isn’t even the hardest part. #IdolPhilippines”

James continued, “Like I said, Luke Baylon is a good singer but we’re looking for the total package. Wait till you see the 12 finalists. You’ll see why I said he wasn’t ready. For now, I wish Luke all the success iN his music career. That rendition of If I Ain’t Got You was sick.”

During the May 12 Idol Philippines episode, James was the first to turn down Luke and said, “Actually, I loved your rendition. It was really fun. I’ve never heard it like that before. You have a voice, you can sing, it’s just lacking a bit with hitting the notes and the timing.”

Moira and Vice echoed James’ decision. Regine said yes and advised him to practice more.

Luke’s performance on Idol Philippines’ is currently #1 trending on YouTube with over 4.8 million views within 4 days.

You can watch Luke’s Idol Philippines’ performance via Idol Philippines’ YouTube channel:

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