Man who chose to become homeless: No regrets, it’s actually a relief

Would you prefer be homeless by choice?

For more or less seven years, a middle class man has been living in the streets alone; without a job, without a family, without a home.

Image via South China Morning Post

In a documentary created by the South China Morning Post, it was disclosed that 52-year-old Simon Lee had already cut ties with his family and has chosen to live alone on the streets — and believe it or not, he is happy and contented with the way things are right now.

However, he has continued being a writer who blogs his daily life along the streets and what he learns from each adventure. He spends a lot of time in public libraries; reading, writing, and learning.

“I get my food mostly from a Sikh Temple. They offer free meals every single day.  My lifestyle is pretty much the same as that of animals. The only difference is I still have craving for knowledge. I need to go to the library for books and internet access,” he said.

“I’m a blogger. I write about my daily life, what I find in the streets and the things that people give me,” he added.

Image via South China Morning Post

No regrets, he said.

“It is my decision to live out there. Whether or not I’m miserable in the eye of the beholder. Many consider being homeless a miserable thing. But from my perspective, it is a relief,” he said. “I don’t need to pay the rent or buy a house. If you want to be happy, you have to live like an animal.”

He disclosed that he started living on the streets and eating leftover food from restaurants and has become emotionally numb about a lot of things, including what people think.

“This is a sea change in me,” he continued. Right now, he relishes solitude.

“I feel happy being alone. I don’t need to depend on others for emotional support,” he expressed.