Heart Evangelista shares walk-in closet tour in her vlog

Love Marie Escudero, popularly known as Heart Evangelista, unsurprisingly captured again the hearts of many netizens as she gave an online tour featuring her walk-in closet through a video uploaded in her YouTube channel.

Image screenshot from Heart Evangelista’s video via YouTube

“Hi, guys! So one of my most requested videos would be to take you on a tour of my walk-in closet. This is what we’re going to do right now. I did one before for a magazine but it wasn’t as detailed and as intense as now,” she said as she started her video.

The entrance going to her walk-in closet is a sophisticated staircase with a pink carpet inspired in a Gucci store and guided with the handle she got from a certain old house which she repainted in gold.

As she climbs the stairs, you will also notice her collection of Hermes scarves which she put in frames and hanged in the walls side-by-side.

Image capture of video by Heart Evangelista via YouTube

Heart started showing the section of her blazers and clothes which she wears every day, followed by her collection of white clothes which she admitted that she is obsessed with as it becomes her go-to outfit.

Heart shared that a lot of people always ask her if she repeats wearing of her clothes; whereby she answered with “of course I do.”

She explained that it is the reason why it is important for her to buy and invest in quality clothes from some expensive brands which you can use all the time.

Hiding in one of her clothing compartments is where she keeps her favorite stuffed toys which she cannot let go of being a sentimental person.

Image capture of video by Heart Evangelista via YouTube

At the center part of the room is where we could find all her sunglasses collection and other accessories. She even showed another drawer full of more sunglasses.

On the other side of the room is where her shorts and skirts are hanged. Above it are her perfumes strategically put near the aircon to keep it from expiring immediately.

Next to it are her shoes neatly displayed in a large cabinet rack where most of it are in color beige.

Last but not the least is her collection of branded bags, including the ones she painted which started because of an accident.

Netizens who’ve watched her video gushed and dream of having a walk-in closet just like Heart. Even though she owns such expensive things which she worked for, she still got the sweetness that people love about her.