Having no choice, overseas workers in Bahrain partake of employers’ leftovers

  • Overseas workers left with no choice but to eat leftovers from their employers
  • Rosemarie Silapan said if they won’t they’ll get hungry
  • Silapan said she will do her best as she can go back to the Philippines soon, anyway
Image by Rosemarie Silapan via Facebook post

It is not uncommon for some Filipinos to perceive that our fellows working abroad are having a comfortable life aside from their high salaries.

Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) Rosemarie Silapan posted on Facebook a photograph of what seems to be a boodle fight with her fellow workers, but apparently, such a festive sight tells a completely different story.

According to Silapan, the food they were eating were leftovers from their employers — and they had no choice but to eat those lest they go hungry.

“Kung ‘di ka kakain ng tira-tira ng mga amo n’yo gutom ka,” she said. “Patibayan ng sikmura dito kahit naduduwal ka na hala subo.”

[If you will not eat leftovers of your boss, you’ll get hungry. You must be tough, just take and eat it.]

Image by Rosemarie Silapan via Facebook post

She added that she’s experiencing things she’s never been through in her own country.

“‘Kala n’yo puro lang kami pasarap dito. Walang sarap dito, puro kami pasakit dito.” [You think we’re all living in comfort here. There’s no comfort here at all, just aches.]

Considering that their work as OFWs is a tiring task and requires a lot of energy, she said they cannot refuse to eat because their head would throb if their stomach is empty.

Though it is difficult, she added, due to to the work demands and unpleasant words from employers, Silapan said she will do her best as she said someday they will be able to go back home.

Image by Rosemarie Silapan via Facebook post