Guy tries ‘live coverage’ in polling area; trends for impressive “reporting”

A stressful event like the election 2019 has turned into a lighter one, at least in Cavite, when a guy pretended to be a reporter delivering news straight from a polling precinct.

Clutching an umbrella, which served as his microphone, while holding on to a make-believe earpiece, Nery Tan Caspe reported the situation in a polling precinct in Barangay Tartaria, Silang, Cavite like a pro.

Image Capture of a Video by Regie Panaligan Ganadillo via Facebook

Impressively, Caspe reported like a real journalist while voters are lining up behind him. He was so composed that he did not even flinch a bit while his friend, who was filming his “report”, can be heard laughing from the background.

The now viral video started from an “anchor” who turned it over to Caspe for an update on the field.

Then Caspe, who waited for some more seconds before starting his report as if hearing  a delayed audio feed from the newsroom, began with “Yes, Mel”, pretending to be talking to veteran GMA News anchor Mel Tiangco.

“Mapayapang eleksyon, ‘yan nga ang hinahangad ng ating mga botante dito sa Tartarian. Yun nga ang nangyari at sa katunayan ay konti na lang ang mga botante sa aking likuran pero kaninang umaga ay dagsa ang tao,” Caspe reported smoothly.

Image Capture of a Video by Regie Panaligan Ganadillo via Facebook

He would occasionally hold on to his imaginary earpiece to answer an also imaginary question from “Mel.”

Voters queuing in the polling area would also sometime look his way; wondering if he was really reporting or just spoofing.  

It would then make them smile after realizing that Caspe was just spoofing after all.

Caspe was so composed during the “report” that he managed to discuss the situation on the polling area, the peacefulness of the voting precinct according to authorities, and even the side of the board of elections and poll watchers.

Click the image to watch the video by Regie Panaligan Ganadillo via Facebook

The video ended abruptly when he was instructed by his cameraman to interview a voter but it was already enough to create a lighter atmosphere in that polling area in Cavite and even on social media.

The “report” was uploaded by Regie Panaligan Ganadillo on Facebook on May 13 and has since earned 30K reactions from netizens, 2K comments, and over 8K shares.

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