Filipino-Canadian man owns world’s largest pearl

Recently, a Filipino-Canadian man unveiled what could possibly be the world’s biggest natural pearl ever found.

Abraham Reyes, 34, of Mississauga, reportedly received the big pearl
as a family heirloom from his aunt a few years back.

Named as Giga Pearl, the Reyes family have had it with them since 1959.

The pearl weighs 27.65 kilograms, four times the weight of the Lao-Tzu Pearl, also called the Pearl of Allah, which until recently was thought to be the world’s largest, according to a CBC Toronto report.

The family, at first, neither knew the object was a pearl nor did they know about its value because “it doesn’t look like a pearl”. Rather, the white and cream-colored object looks more like a “huge tooth” to them.

Out of curiosity and a little suspicion, Reyes got it checked with an expert and then got to know about its actual worth.

Image capture of video via Calvin Lu’s YouTube account

Appraisers say it may be worth between $60 million and $90 million. Reyes and an Asian art expert had it authenticated at the Gemological Institute of America in New York City.

To hold and display the Giga Pearl, he got a 22-karat gold leaf octopus designed.

According to Inquirer, Abraham’s grandfather bought the giant clam in 1959 from a fisherman in Camiguin, an island southeast of Manila, to give as a gift to his aunt. They used to be commonly found and the shells were often used as baptismal fonts or garden ornaments, said Reyes.

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