Filipino artist showcases impressive masterpiece in Venice, Italy

Filipino talent is indeed world-class.

Bacolod-native contemporary artist Mark Justiniani is now in the spotlight for his impressive masterpiece displayed in an international art exhibit in Venice, Italy.

Image by Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale via Facebook

Justinaiani’s “Island Weather” is featured at the 58th Venice Biennale international art exhibition, also known as “Art Biennale”..

Justiniani, according to a report, showcased Island Weather, “an immersive installation that goads the observer to look deeper into the country’s condition: the literal weather (typhoons), the effects of its history, and its cultural evolution.”

Island Weather has a glass platform shaped like islands, representing the geography of the Philippines. Various objects such as books, rocks, slippers, plants, lanterns, among others can be seen inside the art huge art piece as observers look down and closer into a seemingly endless cylinder. 

ABS-CBN reported that Justiniani’s work has earned praises from international media.

Image by Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale via Facebook

“You feel as if you are gazing towards the bottom of the sea, to excavated treasures arranged in wondrous, strange patterns. Vertigo-inducing, intoxicating,” Jackie Wullschläger wrote at the Financial Times.

It was also said that Justiniani’s work deserves to be at the Tate Modern in London, one of the largest museums of contemporary art.

The Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale on May 10 said that “first visitors of the Philippine Pavilion are mesmerized by the art of Mark Justiniani.”

The page also posted a video showing the “Island Weather.”

Image by Philippine Arts in Venice Biennale via Facebook

It was curated by Tessa Maria Guazon, an Art Studies assistant professor at the University of the Philippines (UP) – Diliman.

Justiniani is an Arts Education graduate from UP– Diliman who is known to create an illusion of repetition on his works.

“Island Weather” can be seen on display untill November 24, 2019.

Source :

Facebook, ABS-CBN