Emotional Megastar: I miss my childhood, I’m so tired

How can we not miss our childhood? Those blissful and carefree days of playing, eating, and sleeping? Or the times when you always have someone to guide you? When your parents and the elders are always there to protect you and cheer you up when you’re blue?

Like most of us, Megastar Sharon Cuneta misses her childhood days, too. In an interview with Noel Ferrer of Radyo Inquirer, the well-known actress confessed that she really miss her parents and her childhood.

Image via Radyo Inquirer

“I miss my dad and mom especially now. I need them. I need them now! Daddy! Mommy! I really need my dad and mom now!” she expressed; tears falling down her eyes.

“Saka dati, wala akong problema. Kasi isang tawag ko lang sa daddy ko. I like being bunso. I’m so tired. I miss my dad and mom,” she continued.

The Megastar also misses her childhood days in Cavite; the house, the life she used to have.

“I miss my childhood. I miss Dasma. I miss my house. And I miss my life,” she said. “You know, going quietly near a dragonfly that would land by the pool and holding it and then letting it go with my brother, and swimming and having my dad and mom watch us from their window.”

“I miss my bedroom. I miss my life as a little princess. I miss being a daughter,” further stated.

You may watch the interview with Sharon Cuneta on Noel Ferrer’s page:

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