Claudia Barretto turns emotional after watching sister Julia’s movie “Between Maybes”

Claudia Barretto couldn’t help but turn emotional after watching her sister Julia Barretto’s movie, “Between Maybes”.

On their mom Marjorie’s Instagram account, she shared how Claudia was in tears as Julia hugs and comforts her after she watched the movie.

Image Capture of Video by Marj Baretto via Instagram account

When Marjorie asked why she had her eyes swollen from crying, Claudia replied, “It’s so good.”

On her Instagram, Claudia continued to ask everyone to watch the movie as she raved on how good it is.

She posted a photo of Julia telling her “My beautiful angel sis. You continue to make us proud. I love you endlessly.”

Claudia also shared she didn’t eat bread, rice and pasta for a month as she prayed for the success of the movie.

Mom Marjorie also shared how she felt after watching the movie.

Marjorie said, “Dear Julia and Gerald, #BetweenMaybes was even much better than I expected. Watching this movie made me go through a roller coaster of emotions, from laughing, to crying, to trying so hard to hold back my tears. And the ending…!!!”

Marjorie went on to praise the young actors’ acting prowess.

She said, “I still can’t get over how you both played your roles so well. So natural, SO REAL! Congratulations to the both of you.”

The celebrity mom also shared that Julia was really excited to do the film. Julia also felt “peaceful” while shooting.

Marjorie commented, “And it showed in your very scene, in your aura. I’m truly happy for you.”

Julia stars with Gerald Anderson on “Between Maybes” which tells the story of an actress named Hazel (Julia). After experiencing problems in her career, she decides to escape and books a flight to Japan. There she meets Louie (Gerald) who also isolated himself after some family problems.

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