Breastfeeding advocate Jennica Garcia defends decision to endorse a milk formula brand

Jennica Garcia- Uytingco has been known to be a breastfeeding and “natural parenting” advocate.

With her “Kalinga ni Nanay” group, she even conducts lectures and seminars on breastfeeding awareness.

Image by Kalinga ni Nanay via Fcebook page

No wonder many of her supporters and netizens were surprised to see her now endorsing a popular milk formula brand.

The mother of two admitted she has received a number of criticisms and questions on why she decided to accept the endorsement deal. Many felt Jennica was abandoning her advocacies.

Image by Kalinga ni Nanay via Facebook page

On her social media accounts, Jennica decided to set the record straight and explained that while “breast is best,” we should allow mothers to have options.

Jennica wrote that someone quoted her previous statement saying, “Many are surprised that I am endorsing a milk brand. One person said: ‘The way the Lord designed breast milk to be is just amazing. It has antibodies that no formula milk could ever imitate.’ This is what you (Jennica) said in your vlog.”

Jennica explained her side saying that while breast milk is the best, milk formulas are not bad. She said, “Yes, formula is not the best but it is a better option.”

She continued, “Who am I to keep insisting something that the mother is not comfortable doing? Yes, a mother can go to a hospital and ask for donated breast milk pero hindi ba minsan ay wala na rin maibigay ang ilang hospital?”

Part of her lengthy response went on to talk about “mom-shaming.”

Jennica said, “Wala ako sa position para magsalita na sana tigilan na itong mommy shaming na laganap sa buong mundo kasi alam ko na may mas di hamak na mas influential pa sa akin ang sumubok to get the word out, pero ayokong humusga ng kapwa ko lalo na ang kagaya ko na nanay rin.”

While celebrity moms like Melissa Ricks and Helga Krap expressed their support for Jennica, it still led to differing reactions from netizens.