Being single is her secret to a long life, according to 106-year-old woman

There is a saying that being single but happy is better and healthy than being in an unhappy relationship.

For Madeline Dye, who was then a 106-year-old single woman, this saying is true because she was once a living proof.

Madeline Dye was born in 1912, the same year when the RMS Titanic sunk in the North Atlantic Ocean. She revealed her secret on how to have a long and happy life through her niece, Diana Heaton.

Image from Engin_Akyurt via Pixabay

“Whenever anyone asks her about her past romances or she has a husband, she says ‘I’ve never had one, that’s why I’m this age… She says she has not had the stresses of marriage, it’s tongue-in-cheek more than anything. She has a great sense of humor still, she has never lost it,” Heaton shared in an interview with Huffington Post.

Dye only had a date at the age of 90 to celebrate her birthday in a pub. She was very strong and active even at her old age. “She walks freely without a stick and is very independent,” Heaton added.

Due to Dye’s humorous characteristic, her secret to a long stress-free life may be taken as a joke, but there is actually a study to prove that her belief is really true in many circumstances.

Image from TheVirtualDenise via Pixabay

According to science, being satisfied with a single status improves one’s age. It is not really by having a partner who will grow old with you that gives you all the happiness you think you need. Rather, it is more of your contentment in life and how you see the beauty in other things.

At the present time, gender equality is slowly being accepted in many places where both men and women tend to be independent and financially stable on their own.

Also, experiences from other people and issues about marriage became a lesson as to why many chose to stay unmarried.

Being single is not actually sad and bad because you can have all the time for yourself which you can also share with your family and friends. But remember, whether you choose to stay single or get married in the future, it is in your actions and attitude in life on how to live happily and as long as you can be.