Young lady who managed to be fit inspires netizens

Thanking the ones who told her that she won’t be able to lose weight, a young lady who managed to transform from being fat to fit has been inspiring a lot of people online.

Image via @jorgeespejo_’s Twitter account

On Twitter, Jorge Espejo (with the username @jorgeespejo_) summarized her journey to being healthy and fit in four photos.

Image via @jorgeespejo_’s Twitter account

“To all na nag-sabi na hindi ko kaya at hindi ko magagawa, thank you,” she wrote in the caption of the photos; highlighting how she converted every discouragement into an inspiration.

[To everyone who told me that I won’t be able to achieve this figure, thank you.]

Image via @jorgeespejo_’s Twitter account

A lot of people replied on the post; telling Jorge how she inspired them.

“You are an inspiration to so many chubbies like me. I hope I can do this soon,” wrote D.

“Halaaaaa, mas super, duper na-inspire at na-motivate ako,” said J. [Wow, you inspired me a lot. Now I am motivated to lose weight.]

“OMG! This is so inspiring,” tweeted A.

Some are also asking her for some tips and she gladly welcome their queries; answering tweets and direct messages from them.

“Nakaka-elibs si Ate, galing magpapayat,” MG stated. [She is so amazing, she was able to get fit.

As of posting, her story has already gotten more than 5,000 retweets and over 43,000 favorites.

Meanwhile, a number of Twitter users left words of encouragement and told her that she’s already beautiful even before she started a fitness program.