Woman discovers hatching egg inside fridge, sparks joy to netizens

Continuous chirping of a chick has led a woman to discover that one of the eggs stored in their fridge has hatched.

Image by Abi Pajarilla Gonzales via Facebook

Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales, of Nueva Ecija, posted on Facebook her unbelievable discovery on April 10 along with three photographs showing a chick emerging from one of the eggs in the fridge.

It was such a hilarious thing to happen that Gonzales even blamed the hot weather coupled with a brownout for triggering the egg to hatch.

“Yung itlog na binili nila Papa naging sisiw na. Nainitan din yata,” she said. “Kaya pala may naririnig ako, hanap ako nang hanap. Siya pala yung nag-iingay. Pawis na pawis lang!”

Gonzales told one of her friends on a comment that her family had a good laugh because of the discovery.   

And the good laugh was extended to thousands of people online as it has since went viral with 15K likes and 17K shares.

Image by Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales via Facebook

“Mare, muntik na maprito,” one of her friends quipped.

“Muntikan na nga, mare. Naglaga pa naman ako kagabi, buti itlog pa,” Gonzales replied.

She revealed that the newly-hatched egg along with almost a dozen of it was just offered to them at a lower price.

“Kaya siguro mura kasi pa sisiw na,” she kidded.

As of Thursday afternoon, the chick is in a good condition and very much alive, Gonzales updated.

Image by Abi Pajarillaga Gonzales via Facebook

However, the little discovery that sparked joy to their household and to many of her friends and to the Facebook community was contradicted by some netizens; saying it was fake.

Gonzales debunked their claims, stressing that it was not her intention to gain fame.

“Natuwa lang ako at first time namin maka-encounter ng ganito. And to make it clear, buhay pa po yung sisiw,” she said.

Come on, it was such a simple and cute story that negativity shouldn’t even be part of it.