William Martinez back to making movies, talks about “boring life” away from showbiz

William Martinez is set to debut his showbiz comeback with a new film.

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN

The 52-year-old seasoned actor had been on a long showbiz hiatus as he tried to fix his personal l1fe. Martinez and his wife of 25 years, actress Yayo Aguila, got separated in 2010. Since then, Martinez had been living life away from showbiz.

For a while, Martinez had a stint in primetime teleserye ‘Ang Probinsyano.” Now, the actor is back to making movies.

Martinez will star in an upcoming film, “Bakit Nasa Huli Ang Simula.”

When asked if Martinez helped in conceptualizing the film, he said it was all Director Romm Burlat.

However, Martinez said, “A little bit because I tried directing before when I was younger. But then I talked to our director, Romm Burlat, and I told him that I respect him and I will just give some feedback when there’s a need for it.”

Image Capture of Video by ABS-CBN

Meanwhile, the ‘Bagets’ actor also spoke candidly at how his life has been away from the spotlight.

Martinez said, “Matagal na pahinga, mga nine years. Boring, walang ginawa kung hindi manood ng TV every day. Noong 2010 – 2019, naubos ang pera ko. Nagbenta na ‘ko ng mga kotse. Wala na.”

He admitted that he has to work again so he could recover from his loss.

His brother, Albert Martinez, said he couldn’t be any happier that his brother is back on his feet again.

He told ABS-CBN, “I’m very thankful sa mga taong nagbibigay sa kanya ng second chance because I believe that William has the passion and talent to do it.”

Back in 2013, Martinez admitted that his separation from Yayo had pushed him further downhill. He tried to recover by taking care of himself and had a “rebirth” as a Christian.