Super mom! 55-year-old woman carries paralyzed son to school everyday for 15 years

Nothing could be greater than a mother’s love.

This was proven by a 55-year-old woman who’s been carrying her paralyzed son to school everyday for 15 years.

Nanay Cristina endured all the steep stairs just to bring her son to his classroom.

Image via Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

On the GMA TV show “Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho” which aired last April 14, Cristina Agarin recalled how her son, Juan Carlos, became paralyzed.

It all reportedly happened when Juan Carlos was only five years old.

He was playing sipa when he was shoved and fell to the ground. He was unable to move his legs since the incident. He had undergone surgery but he was still unable to walk.

It was hard for Nanay Cristina but she talked to her son when he came of age to attend school. She explained to him that he needed to study for himself despite his situation.

She knew she needed to be her son’s legs in order to make this possible.

Image via Kapuso Mo, Jessica Soho

“I can’t give up.That’s how it is. A mother would do anything for her child,” she explained.

All those 15 years of carrying her son to school has finally paid off!

Last April 3, the Agarin family attended Juan Carlos’ moving up ceremony in junior high school.

Nanay Cristina was very happy to see the result of her sacrifices.

She received a surprise Huwarang Ina Award while her son got a scholarship from the local government unit of Antipolo.

The family also learned that Juan Carlos’ disability was not caused by the incident that happened when he was five.

Although he will not be able to walk again, Juan Carlos wants to be a Computer Engineer so he could help his parents in the future.

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