Photos of Pope John Paul II showing his love for nature warm hearts

A set of photographs of the late Pope John Paul II is getting a lot of attention and it reveals a lot about him.

Image by John Paul II via Facebook

Aside from being a great spiritual leader who has once led the Catholic Church, the photographs showed that Pope John Paul was someone who loves nature and outdoor activities.

Pope John Paul, in most of the photos, was seen not in his usual papal attire but clad in ordinary hiking clothes while holding a trekking pole. He was enthusiastically chatting with his companions while trekking in the Alps.

Image by John Paul II via Facebook

In one of the photos, he is seen taking a nap; covered with a blanket under a tree.

He is also seen sitting on a camping chair while reading a bible with the beautiful mountain range in Alps as backdrop.

Most of the photos are even Instagram-worthy as they can be compared with those shots taken by hikers during their climb; highlighting the scenic views from the mountains.

As always, he is all smiles and so genuine in all of the photos which were uploaded in May 2015.

Image by John Paul II via Facebook

According to a report, Pope John Paul II was a frequent visitor in Les Combes in Italy; having been to the place for  many times already.

In 2004, the Pope also had his 12-day vacation in the small village in the Great Paradise National Park.

Pope John Paul was known for being among the most travelled world leaders in history. He visited 129 countries, including the Philippines, during his pontificate.

The Pope visited the country twice — in February 1981, when he beatified San Lorenzo Ruiz; and in January 1995 during the World Youth Day.