Must-see! Kulas shares amazing shots and experience from Northern Samar coastline

Who would have thought that this place really exists?

The famous Philippine culture and destinations lover and vlogger, Kulas is travelling through Visayas region together with his friends.

In his Facebook post dated April 8, he shared some amazing shots from the coastline in Northern Samar where nature creates its own giant pools.

Photo via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

According to him, he and his friend Finn Snow were travelling on scooter along the coastline when they accidentally found the place.

He captioned the post:

“Incredible. Places like this make me appreciate how powerful and how creative the earth can be. Right along the coastline near Mapanas, you can find this natural pool.”

So amazed, he added: “As the tide goes out, a clean, clear, and refreshing swim spot is revealed. When the tide comes back in, it is like a washing machine… the pool cleans and refreshes itself!”

Photos reveal how clean the water is; making the seafloor and other rock formation visible from the sky.

Photo via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

Kulas and Finn enjoyed swimming and diving through the natural pool.

The two also took the chance to explore the seafloor and captured selfies from below.

Photo via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

They were seen to be having a good time with other local children in the area.

Photo via BecomingFilipino | Facebook

“Samar Island is a natural playground… Adventure awaits those who go off the beaten path here!” Kulas said on his post.

Kulas and his friends were reunited and have been travelling together since March.

The reunion was set to be more of a collaboration in creating travel vlogs content and also about exploring the Philippines.

Indeed, Kulas has proven to be more Filipino by heart for always patronizing the Philippines.

Source :

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