Mind reading? Meet Lior Suchard, the world’s greatest mentalist

It’s really cool to read other people’s mind, right?

Well, looks like someone actually can.

Meet Lior Suchard, a top class supernatural entertainer and is considered as the world’s greatest mentalist.

Image by Lior Suchard

Suchard, a native of Israel, performs mind reading, thought influencing, predicting, and telekinesis. He can even guess what song someone’s playing on her mind or predict anybody’s first love.

He is described as the most-sought mentalist in the planet; having been known all over the world for delivering mind-blowing acts in major international events.

Suchard performs live show — “Supernatural Entertainment” — around the world where he displays telepathy and telekinesis, among others.

On live show, Suchard likes to walk around the place to involve the audience in his performance using personal belongings — cards become airborne, wristwatches stop and then start working again and articles vanish only to reappear again.

Viewers say that what makes Suchard’s performances extraordinary is the fact that he has a warm humor that instantly glues his audience to him.

Image by Lior Suschard

“It’s not just the mind-reading that blows you away but he just has a way of connecting with the audience that makes him instantly loveable,” one of his spectators said.

Suchard travels to different countries every week to perform in various events like private parties, corporate gatherings, or to a larger show with 5,000 people watching.

He has performed in more than 50 countries and been featured on numerous TV shows such as the Tonight show; having been asked to appear five times to stun guests including James Spader, Kim Kardashian, Zac Efron , Taylor Lautner and Jimmy Fallon not to mention the host Jay Leno.

Suchard’s popularity can be traced up to the corporate world as he has been regularly booked by CEOs of the world’s top firms to perform or host at business events to draw more potential customers.

Image by Lior Suchard via Twitter

Politicians also get his services on business meetings as way of breaking the ice.

“Everyone should have ‘The Suchard experience’. I’ve never seen anything like it,” Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer’s testimony over Suchard’s abilities.

Former President of the United States of America Bill Clinton, who once witnessed Suchard’s performance, has also something to say.

“I don’t understand why Israel lets you leave. They should ask you to sit on the Iranian Boarder and do your thing over there,” Clinton quipped.

At present, Suchard is in Israel to do a series of shows there.