Lol! Funny posts depict how hot summer 2019 is

Surely we know how a mere heat index feel, but with some trending posts on social media describing the summer heat this year lead us to a greater understanding how hot this summer really is.

A photo of an unharvested corn with some of its grains already popping was used by a Facebook page to describe how hot Tuguegarao City is.

Image by Tuguegarao City 101 via Facebook

After all it is among the hottest places in the Philippines, especially during summer.

“Ganito puwedeng ilarawan ngayon ang init sa Tuguegarao. Hindi pa naani ang mais nagiging popcorn na,” Tuguegarao City 101 said on its page.

The photo is, apparently, edited; however, it can be considered as an accurate representation of how hot this city in Cagayan is.

The photo was posted on April 8 and it has been going viral with 7.9K likes and 1.1K comments. It has been shared over 6,000 times already.

There is also a video of a chicken that has been trending on social media which also depicts how scorching the temperature is nowadays.

Image by Animals Wildlife via Facebook

In a video posted by Animals Wildlife in March 12, a chicken can be seen floating in a basin full of water, not even moving. But it was then revealed that the chicken was actually alive when someone interrupted it.

In a matter of seconds, the chicken got up, spread its wings, and went out of the water.

A Facebook user, Johnny Matsuda, said on a Facebook post that all along he thought the chicken was about to be cooked but it was actually sleeping in the water due to the hot weather.  

The video of the chicken caught relaxing with its back on the water has already 8.5 million views and 234K likes.