How to stay in love with your partner after many years – Dimples Romana

Actress Dimples Romana and husband Boyet Ahmee will be soon celebrating their 16th anniversary as a married couple on June 15, 2019.

On her Instagram post, she shared how they have stayed in love and married after all these years.

“This is what ‘not giving up’ looks like. This coming June, we’ll reach our 16th wedding anniversary mark. SAVED, FORGIVEN, HEALED by the one God who never gets tired of carrying us through,” she wrote.

Image from Instagram (@dimplesromana)

Her advice, which she calls #DimpsTips, is that “no matter how dark it gets in your life, find the light within one another or within yourself.”

For their 15th anniversary last year, the actress also shared two sweet greetings to her husband on Instagram which we can all learn from.

Her first greeting explained the importance of the Lord in their marriage.

“Sa mga panahon na naging faint ang pagmamahal natin at pasensya sa isa’t isa, alam ko na kung bakit tayo magkasama pa rin. Dahil sa mga oras na ‘yun, pareho nating naisip na ang pangako natin sa isa’t isa ay hindi lang sa pagitan nating dalawa. There’s always been a third party—The LORD.”

Image from Instagram (@dimplesromana)

For her second anniversary greeting, the actress described how loving her husband is.

“He makes me feel safe. He is my home. I know that he will protect me, fight for me, love me and my million flaws. No blessing is greater than having a good, kind, giving, and honorable man for a husband. One who keeps his word. One who will silently kiss you while you sleep, one who gets you.”

“With him, I know my worth. I never have to guess, never have to think. I feel and know his love for me is greater than his love for himself. “

Image from Instagram (@dimplesromana)

“He gives me wings to fly and follow my dreams. His greatest gift to me is freedom, to dream and express myself, to grow.”

The couple wants to share the wonderful love they have with their family and friends.

“We have a love that only we comprehend. A love that endures, a love that protects, a love that inspires. As a couple, we have made it our goal to cultivate love within the people who are part of our journey.”

“Our marriage goal for the coming years — CULTIVATE LOVE. Cultivate kindness.”

So inspiring, right?