How Tirso remembers late son TJ in every IG post will melt your heart

It has been a while since actor Tirso Cruz III started writing short notes for his late son TJ Cruz through the photo sharing app Instagram; posting simple day-to-day activities as well as extraordinary experiences to the latter, expressing how much he longs for his beloved child.

“GODly heavenly morning, TJ. It’s the start of another week. Work mode for me today. As the days go by, my longing for you just keeps getting stronger. Lately, Everything just reminds me of you. (swipe to see more),” he posted.

“Even when I order dishes that we use to eat makes me remember you. I guess it’s because there are so many things that I wish we could share together. So many things to say. So many things I wish I could do for you. Missing you so much. Love you, TEEJ.”

He even added: #nevertobeforgotten.

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Tirso, who finds comfort in scanning the pages of their old photo albums, have been posting throwback pictures since they lost TJ in November 2018.

Recently, he began writing notes for TJ, keeping the latter updated on what is happening to the ones he left behind.

“GODly heavenly morning, TJ. As I was driving on my way to work yesterday morning, I suddenly found myself crying again. For memories of you was flooding my mind. Memories that reminded me of the many years of happiness we shared together as you were growing up.”

He shared that memories quickly flashed by right before his very eyes.

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Continuing his post, he shared: “Until those fateful six and a half months that we went through before you left. Now I realize what Atty. Lorna Kapunan told me and your mama is true.”

“We will never really heal from the pain of losing you. We will just learn to live with the pain as time goes by,” he said in a photo of his three kids; TJ and his siblings Bodie and Djanin.

TJ, who was once a child actor and one of the original cast members of “Ang TV” in 1992, stepped out of the limelight in 2003.

Moreover, Tirso loves sharing stories from work to his beloved son.

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Recently, Tirso even shared a screenshot of the viral video of his scene in the series The General’s Daughter.

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If only he could, the veteran actor said he would love to have a picture taken again with all his three kids.

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