Hollywood award-winning actor Darren Criss talks about Manila’s waste management

Emmy award-winning actor Darren Criss recently visited the Philippines and talked about the country’s waste management efforts.

On Instagram, Criss shared a photo of him segregating recyclable garbages in a material recovery facility in Malabon.

Image by Darren Criss via Instagram account

He volunteered for the Global Citizen; an international organization that calls on volunteers all over the world to do their part in finding solutions and taking action on problems that affect the world.

The Filipino-American actor said he couldn’t help but talk about our waste management problems.

Criss wrote on Instagram, “So let’s talk about waste management. Yeah, I know, it’s not a very sexy topic- but that’s exactly why it’s such a massive issue in so many parts of the world.”

He continued shahring on how he volunteered to help.

Criss said, “So I decided to take a trip to the Philippines, a country close to my heart, with my friends from Global Citizen to learn specifically about metro Manila’s waste and sustainability challenges.”

Image by Darren Criss via Instagram account

The former Glee star said that while there are many who try to make a difference, the problem continues to be overwhelming.

Criss wrote, “I met a lot of inspiring people who have made incredible strides towards creating a cleaner, greener future, but the obstacles they face are still overwhelming.”

Criss asked the mayors of local governments to support programs that will help address the issue of waste problems.

“I’m urging mayors in the Philippines to implement zero waste programs in their cities in partnership with their communities,” he said.

The actor was in the Philippines with his wife, Mia Swier.

The couple went to enjoy the scenic beaches of El Nido, Palawan which Criss called a “unforgettable getaway in Paradise.”