#FeelCamiguin: ‘No Words’ ad sequel unveils boundless beauty of Camiguin

What could happen if you are travelling alone and accidentally meet a mute tour guide in Camiguin?

This tourism ad that went viral last year released another sequel that unveils the boundless beauty of their province.

The Camiguin Tourism Office captured the attention of many netizens after uploading a new video for “No Words” tourism ad on Facebook last April 13.

Image via Camiguin Tourism Office | Facebook

It was about a woman who literally had no words for Camiguin after witnessing a breathtaking view of the island and experiencing a never-before adventure the province could offer.

Only this time, she came back to Camiguin with someone special, her “BF.”

Though this idea slightly hindered the progressing romantic relationship of the woman and her tour guide, they both continued to come back to the picturesque tourist destinations in the province.

The video also kept the audience in awe for capturing the beauty of Camiguin; not to mention the food and the people’s friendliness and hospitality.

Some places featured are Taguines Lagoon, Katibawasan Falls, Katunggan Mangrove Park, Mt. Hibok-Hibok, Mantigue Island, White Island, and the view from Itum in Baylao.

Image via Camiguin Tourism Office | Facebook

Wow, that’s a lot for a five-minute video!

Watch the ad and get ready to fall in love with the province.

As of April 14, the video has gathered 60,000 views and almost 2,000 shares on Facebook.

Many have also added the province on their next go-to destinations because of this feel-good advertisement.

Camiguin Tourism Office have also expressed their gratitude for the positive feedback from netizens.

As the characters say, “Camiguin, let the fun begin!”

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