Derek Ramsay shares he found love just when he was not looking

Derek Ramsay probably believes now that love could come on unexpected times and places.

Image by Derek Ramsay via Instagram account

The newly signed Kapuso actor has been with his girlfriend Joanne Villablanca for over 5 years.

Derek shared an interesting story of how they met. The actor was all ready to give up on relationships and finding the love of his life when Joanne came.

Derek shared with GMA News Online, “I’d given up on relationships and I was focusing on my career, and one day my friends came on and said ‘Derek come on man let’s go out.’ I’m like ‘I don’t go out, I’m over that’ and they are like ‘come on, be one with the boys.’ So I was like ‘alright let’s go.”

After spending some time at the bar, Derek was all ready to just go home. He was waiting at the elevator when he saw Joanne.

Image by Derek Ramsay via Instagram account

Derek said, “And I was waiting by the elevator and when my elevator opened, I went in and we kind of looked at each other. I told my friends, ‘guys, if you’re trying to hook me up, you should’ve hooked me up with her.’ And then doors closed thinking I’ll never see her again.”

But as if destiny has meant it to happen, a friend of Derek decided to introduce him to another friend. Lo and behold, it was Joanne.

Since then, Derek has lived a quiet happy life with Joanne and her 10-year-old daughter. Derek said he liked Jo because she’s “somebody who’s more mature and being a mom makes you very responsible and I like that.”

Derek also shared how he made a room for Jo’s daughter, Sofie, in his house. He added, “Para kaming nagbabahay-bahayan na. It’s like we have a family.”

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