CHED: Memo on shift of school opening to August only a suggestion

The Commission on Higher Education (CHED) has issued a statement clarifying an earlier memorandum that stated the opening of school classes will be moved to August.

Image by Popoy De Vera via Facebook page

According to CHED Chairman Prospero De Vera III, the earlier announcement to move to an August school opening was only a suggestion and not a requirement.

De Vera clarified that CHED does not have the power to compel a school to change its academic year opening; the decision will still be made by its Board of Regents.

Nevertheless, CHED cited that schools following the August opening will have lesser problems in the implementation of their programs under the cash-based budgeting.

Image by CHED

Under the cash-based budgeting, only those programs and projects implemented with the fiscal year will be refunded.

Schools that begin second semester on November, usually do not meet the December 31 deadline and will have to wait longer before receiving the reimbursement, De Vera said.

The official also noted that another benefit would be “internationalization.”

It was reportedly said that some schools in the ASEAN regions who share the same school calendar are “easier to develop international linkages and exchange of students.”

The CHED official also believes that incoming college students will not have any problems if the Department of Education will have a different calendar because college entrance exams happen before graduation.

De Vera even added that it will even give students more time to prepare for college.

He stood firm with the recommendation; saying that it was supported by Congress and even the President.

De Vera said, “In the 2019 GAA [General Appropriations Act], there is a provision by Congress asking CHED to facilitate the shift in academic calendar.”

“The memo is in compliance with Congressional and Presidential directive,” De Vera added.