Cafe in Siargao starts using straws made of palm leaves

Sustainable efforts from local establishments have been slowly growing as another cafe rises up to the global challenge to reduce plastic waste .

Image by Cafe Editha via Facebook

A cafe in Siargao — Cafe Editha — has started using “lukay straws” or straw made up of palm leaves in a bid to contribute to the global effort against plastic pollution.

“Lukay” is the local term for coconut fronds.

Many have been praising the initiative of the cafe on social media since April 26. However, the cafe’s manager downplayed the credits; saying they got the idea when they visited Corregidor.

“I got this idea when we visited Corregidor and I’m very impressed. Lukay straw is easy to make and decomposable. I hope other restaurants will also be inspired to use this brilliant idea,” the cafe said on its Facebook page.

“Full credit goes to the people of Barangay Corregidor for this brilliant idea,” Cafe Editha stressed.

Image by Cafe Editha via Facebook

In a report, Sarah Tiu, the cafe’s manager, revealed that she discovered lukay straw upon buying fresh buko that came with a lukay straw when they were in Corregidor.

She then asked the locals there to teach them how to make lukay straws.

Tiu implemented the use of lukay straws this week, which was openly embraced and appreciated by their customers.

The manager also revealed that prior to lukay straws, they also tried using metal and paper straws but customers refused to use it.  

The post showing the lukay straw being used by the cafe in one of their drinks has been trending with 13K likes and has been already shared 24K times on Facebook.