British Pinoy at heart writes open letter to skin whitening products company over ‘offensive’ ad

Are you for a fairer skin?

A skin whitening product advertisement has been drawing flaks because of its apparent message that having fairer skin brings one better treatment and opportunities.

“3 in 5 Filipinos believe that people with fairer skin receive better treatment from others.”

“Maputi lang pinaupo na sa bus?” alluding that having fairer skin entices gentlemen to offer their seats.

Several netizens and celebrities alike voiced out their reactions/opinions on social media over the ‘offensive’ and discrim1natory advert.

One of those who vented his frustration on the beauty ad is Sir Malcolm Conlan, married to a Filipina, who was tagged by netizens as a British “Pinoy at heart” because of his untiring support for the Filipino Community over the past few years.

On his Facebook account, he aired his displeasure over the skin whitening products company via an open letter which goes:

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am sorry to have felt the need to write to you personally, however I am shocked by the recent advertising campaign you are currently running in the Philippines to promote your range of skin whitening products. 

What I find particularly disturbing is that you clearly looked for two models based on their skin tone!!!

You then pitched them against one another, giving the impression that the one with the lighter skin somehow had more opportunities to succeed than the model with the darker skin. You even go as far as quoting a survey to back up your wild, offensive claims!!!

I have therefore started a petition to demonstrate against the said campaign. 

This campaign is both rac1st and immor4l as it could leave many Filipinos feeling somewhat disillusioned as you go on to give the impression that colour is an issue by the claim that 3 out of 5 Filipinos feel that those with a lighter skin have an advantage. 

This may lead to people buying their products due to this almost physiological grooming by your company.

I am today asking for GlutaMAX to pull (out) the advertising campaign with immediate effect. I am also asking that you apologise for the offens1ve campaign.”

Well, a commenter – M. Jenu – on his open letter reminds everyone: “We won international pagents because of our natural morena skin…it’s time to wake up against these obsessions.”

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