BiCol’s 1st wedding anniversary: Coleen surprises Billy with a trip to Bali

Coleen Garcia and Billy Crawford marked their first year anniversary as a married couple with a surprise trip to Bali.

Billy thought their destination would be in Siargao but his wife carefully planned their vacation with an unexpected travel to Indonesia.

He recalled the struggles they have been through and the wonderful moments they have shared. He then shared a long message for his wife through Instagram.

Image via @billycrawford | Instagram

“My love, everything and most importantly, my wife. Happy first anniversary! We’ve been through many downfalls but more amazing moments! I love that I get to know you more and more each day even if this past year went by quick,” Billy said.

“For all my shortc0mings, and my spr4k moments, please forgive me. God gave me a brand new start when you and I became one and all I ever hope and ask for is your love in return, and boy you do! Thank you for making me the most blessed husband ever,” he added.

He also recognized Coleen as the master of surprises after successfully giving him an unforgettable vacation.

“This surprise trip to Bali (knowing in my head we were going to Siargao), I now bow to the master of surprises!”

Meanwhile, Coleen also shared a photo on her Instagram as they celebrate their wedding anniversary.

She wrote on the caption how blessed she feels for loving her husband.

Image via @coleengarcia | Instagram

“There is no other soul in this world that gets me like you do, and there is no other puzzle piece that can fit in my life the way you do! And even on our worst days, I’m still glad and blessed that it’s you,” she said.

“Thank you for being patient with me and for understanding me; for guiding me and protecting me, while still giving me room to grow in my own way,” she added.

Coleen looks forward to their future with all positivity, too.

“Our best days and years are still ahead of us, and living this fun, colorful life with you is the most exciting adventure I could ever ask for,” Coleen added.

Billy and Coleen exchanged vows in Balesin Island last April 20, 2018.