Bettina Carlos’s daughter Gummy gets baptized for the first time in Jordan River

Bettina Carlos daughter Gummy was welcomed into the Christian world after she was baptized in the Jordan River.

Image by Bettina Carlos via Instagram account

Bettina was overwhelmed with emotions as she sang praises during Gummy’s baptism.

What’s more heartwarming for the single mom is that it was Gummy’s own choice to get baptized. Bettina felt proud that Gummy willingly asked to receive Jesus Christ.

Image by Bettina Carlos via Instagram account

On Instagram, Bettina calls it an “answered prayer.”

She wrote, “What’s even greater answered prayer is for my little girl to fully understand her faith, why she believes in what she believes in and publicly declare it.”

Image by Bettina Carlos via Instagram account

The happy mom shared that in 2018, Gummy received Jesus Christ when they were at the airport praying on their way to Siargao.

A year later, the mother and daughter went to Holy Land, and it was in River Jordan that Gummy received her baptism.

Bettine shared photos of the moment and couldn’t help her excitement saying, “Look at the light in her face!”

Bettina also shared a photo conversation she had with Gummy the night before her baptism. She asked her 8-year-old daughter, “Is baptism what you need to be saved and go to heaven?”

Gummy surprised her mom by replying, “No Mom. Its believing in Jesus. Because He is The Way Truth and Life. (John 14:6) Right?”

Bettina continued, “So what do you believe about in Jesus, who is He?”

The young girl replied that Jesus is the Son of God who gave his life for her sins. “To forgive me,” she said.

Bettina was so impressed with her child’s faith in God. She wrote, “My 8 year old who takes my breath away. Hallelujah!”

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