2001 Dao Ming Si, 2018 Shan Cai reenact iconic Meteor Garden breakup scene

Meteor Garden 2001’s Dao Ming Si and Meteor Garden 2018’s Shan Cai just reenacted the iconic breakup scene from the popular Taiwanese series.

On Facebook, Dramapotatoe – c-drama news uploaded a video from Jerry Yan and Shen Yue’s recent television appearance.

“Jerry Yan and Shen Yue re-enact the iconic rain scene in Meteor Garden on tonight’s episode of Ace vs Ace,” read the caption of the video.

Through their superb acting skills, Yan and Yue were able to move the people in the studio.

Image via Ace vs Ace

A number of Facebook users commented on the video of the unexpected “crossover”. Despite having no subtitle, they still felt the emotion in every line.

“Wow. They are so good actors/actress. So heartbreaking,” XS commented.

“Hoy, bakit? Hindi ko naiitindihan ‘yong lines nila pero nararamdaman ko. Husay! It’s a ‘yes’ from me,” CC said. [Why do I feel this way? I don’t understand their lines but I feel the emotion. Superb! It’s a “yes” for me.]

“I got carried away and cried when I saw this, even if I don’t understand their language,” wrote MM.

Many also noticed that Yan did not seem to age a bit, even if it’s been almost two decades since he played the role of Dao Ming Si.

Image via Ace vs Ace

As of posting, the video already has more than 3,000 shares, over 4,000 reactions, and nearly 80,000 views.

Throwback. Here’s the iconic break up scene of Jerry Yan and Barbie Hsu’s characters in Meteor Garden 2001 (Tagalized):

While here’s the break up scene of Dylan Wang and Shen Yue’s characters in the 2018 remake (Tagalized):