UPLB Edible Landscape Garden: Not your ordinary garden

From afar it’s a perfect example of a stunning garden but on a closer look, it is actually a creative vegetable farm.

Image by Gala Ni Ria via Facebook

That’s why it is called the Edible Landscape Garden located inside the University of the Philippines-Los Banos.

It is a garden that showcases both science and creativity.

Small pineapples and root crops were beautifully planted on the plant boxes that look like your common garden plants.

According to a report, shrubs of “tsaang gubat” or forest tea, green and purple lettuce, and the herb tarragon, which has small yellow flowers, radishes, vine spinach or alugbati, garlic chives, oregano, and pandan are found planted in the garden.

Image by Edible Landscaping UPLB via Facebook

Tall bushes bearing kalamansi, chili pepper plants, various herbs like mint, stevia, basil, and thyme can also be seen in the garden, which has been a venue for wedding and pre-nuptial photoshoots.   

The edible garden, of course, is not for your eyes only. Members of the UP community can pick out vegetables and herbs that grow in the garden, the same report bared.

The creation of the edible garden was pushed under the Edible Landscaping Project that started in 2009 led by the late Dr. Leonido Naranja. But the idea was actually first conceptualized in 1999, according to Bryan Apacionado, assistant professor at UP Los Baños and part of the project.

Image by Gala Ni Ria via Facebook

The Department of Agriculture’s Bureau of Agricultural Research then funded the project. 

The team behind the stunning garden has also been training individuals to adopt edible landscaping and reach out to millenials to-introduce agriculture as a creative and interesting craft.