“I am in a good place”: Pops recalls last convo with Chokoleit

  • Pops Fernandez reminisced last conversation with Chokoleit
  • The singer noticed he was quiet in his corner prior to the show
  • Fernandez said all of them were left in shock when they heard the sad news

Filipina singer Pops Fernandez recalled the last conversation she had with comedian Chokoleit at the Kawayan Festival 2019 in Abra; saying she didn’t expect that their brief reunion would also be their last, as per an ABS-CBN News story.

Fernandez reportedly asked the comedian how he was doing to which he responded, “Hi Miss Pops, I am in a good place. I’m super okay. I’m in a good place. Nakaipon na ako.”

She replied, “Ang happy ko naman for you”; noting the other’s sad demeanor was also a goodbye.

The singer noticed he was quiet in his corner prior to the show, and all she was thinking is that he was preparing.

Via DZMM’s Chismax on Sunday, she said she was very excited to see Chokoleit before the event as it had been a long time ago since they worked together in the movie “Zsazsa Zaturnah” and in a concert with Kuh Ledesma.

She, later on, found out that he was rushed to the hospital.

“Actually lahat kami we were all shocked. Marami kaming nag-perform, nauna siya. Akala ko nga fake ‘yung kuwento. Sabi ko ang sama naman. Para kasing it can’t happen. It was too weird to happen. Lahat yata na-shock sa balita.”

[Actually, all of us were shocked. There were a lot of us who performed, he went first. I thought it was fake news. I said it’s not good, because it couldn’t have happened. It was too weird to happen. Perhaps everyone was left in shock over the news.]

Chokoleit’s real name is Jonathan Aguilar Garcia. He was best known for his role as Pearly Shell in the Philippine fantasy series Marina.

He last appeared in the 2018 blockbuster movie Fantastica.