Balangiga Bells-inspired collection wins runner up at Britain’s Top Designer Awards

Award-winning international fashion and jewelry designer Joyce Pilarsky made it big at the prestigious Britain’s Top Designer Awards.

Britain’s Top Designer Award was hosted by Fashions Finest at the Congress Centre, Great Russell Street, London.

Image by Joyce Pilarsky via Facebook page

Pilarsky presented a collection inspired from the historical Balangiga Bells. She and 9 other contenders presented their designs to judges – celebrity and fashion photographer Joe Alvarez, stylist to the stars Bernard Connolly, fashion editor and media personality Sarah Mulindwa, and TV presenter and stylist Nicky Hambleton-Jones.

Pilarsky won first runner-up while London-based fashion designer Tuncer Tonun emerged as the grand winner.

Image by Joyce Pilarsky via Facebook page

Dra. Joyce Peñas Pilarsky, a member of Designer Circle Philippines, also presented her award-winning collection during the Russian Ball held in Manila on March 6.

On Instagram, Pilarsky shared the inspiration behind her amazing collection.

Pilarsky is already an award-winning artist prior to joining Britain’s Top Designer Award. She bagged the grand prize at the Coastal Fashion Week Design Competition 2017 in New Orleans, Grand Phoenix Cultural Achievement Award in 2016. She also took home another Grand Prize at the Los Angeles Fashion Week Design Competition in 2015.

Aside from holding several beauty pageant titles, Pilarsky is also a philanthropist. She shared in an interview with PSR that whatever she receives, she will share them to those in need.