Man makes profitable business turning old tires into cute little beds for pets

Discarded tires are one of the most challenging items to recycle. Due to its large volume production, durability of tires and materials in the tire that are ecologically problematic, they often easily fill landfills.

Image by Amarildo Silva via Instagram account

While your old flat tire could be shredded, turned into playground equipment or even used to make artificial turf, a man from Brazil found an easier, less costly solution to recycle them.

Image by Amarildo Silva via Instagram account

Meet Amarildo Silva from Brazil. The 23-year-old man is a store cashier by day and craftsman by night. He found a valuable hobby that’s simple, eco-friendly and sustainable.

With the help of his family, Silva collects discarded tires from his town. He frequently visits landfills to gather old tires and give them another purpose. Silva transforms them into eco-friendly and adorable beds for pets.

Image by Amarildo Silva via Instagram account

Silva gives the old tires new life after cleaning and decorating them. Using a sewing machine, he fits little mattresses to the tire to give pets the comfort they need.

This ingenious hobby has become a profitable business for Silva. He began posting his beds on Instagram and buyers started pouring in. Within two years, Silva’s eco-friendly pet beds became such a hit that he sold more than 500 beds already.

He is currently working under a Brazilian address but has received orders from all over the world.

And Silva’s creativity isn’t done yet. After his hobby became a business, he started diversifying and has since started making flower pots for gardens.

A pet lover by heart, Silva also adopts abandoned animals. Indeed, he is proud of his art works. Not only is he helping lessen the trash in landfills, he also inspires other young men to take a risk with their creativity.