Maggie Wilson shares why she chose not to have a yaya for son Connor

Maggie Wilson-Consunji may seem like she can have it all. With a business tycoon for a husband, the couple can probably hire as many helper as they can. But Maggie knows that not having a yaya for his son Connor might actually be good for him.

Image by Maggie Wilson-Consunji via Facebook page

Raising her son to be independent was one of Maggie’s main priorities. She said that she and her husband Vic “grew up very middle class” and learned to do things on their own.

Maggie said that while they do have househelps, they teach the value of independence. She shared, “Yes, here in the Philippines, we have a lot of help, but we want to make sure that he knows how to do things on his own.”

“It’s very, very important,” Maggie reiterated.

The proud mother also added that they’re trying to make Connor “more outgoing.”

Image by Maggie Wilson-Consunji via Facebook page

Maggie explained, “Connor, he’s a very emotional kid. He gets scared easily.”

“For example, if he’s put in a situation that he’s not comfortable in or if he needs to do something he’s not comfortable with, he much rather not engage or not do it,” Maggie added.

Maggie said they aren’t scared of letting Connor get dirty or be adventurous.

Image by Maggie Wilson-Consunji via Facebook page

The TV host and model proudly shared that Connor is growing up to be “such a good boy” who doesn’t “scream, spit, scratch, and throws tantrums.”

Maggie beams with pride, “He’s so easy, like he’s a very smart boy.”

“I don’t have to spank him or anything because he knows when he’s done something wrong, he apologizes right away,” she added.

Maggie couldn’t help but adore his son, “I’m sure all moms say this about their kids, but really, Connor is amazing!”