“Love knows no bounds” Widower still keeps promise of forever to wife he lost years ago

A widower has recently gone viral after his story of undying love touched the hearts of many netizens.

Crisanto Dela Cruz or “Mang Cris” is a kind, gentle widower who showed everyone that despite what others may say, in true love “may forever.”

Image by Mayette Dela Cruz Cinco via Facebook page

On Facebook, Mayette Dela Cruz Cinco, the daughter of  Mang Cris, shared her father’s touching story. Out of the blue, Mang Cris asked Mayette to accompany him to her mother’s resting place.

Mang Cris lost his wife, Pepita “Aling Pitang”, in 2013. Mang Cris told his daughter that he is feeling lonely and knows that his wife is calling him.

Being a dutiful daughter, Mayette dropped everything to give way to her father’s request.

Image by Mayette Dela Cruz Cinco via Facebook page

When they reached the cemetery, Mang Cris was immediately in tears upon seeing his wife’s resting place covered in pile of leaves.

Mayette described, “He was in tears I could only comfort him as I clean around.”

Mang Cris told Mayette, “Sabi ko sa ‘yo, Marita, tinatawag ako ng Nanay mo, ayaw mo lang maniwala.”

Image by Mayette Dela Cruz Cinco via Facebook page

Bringing along a white plastic bag, Mang Cris hurriedly went to work cleaning the area. Mayette said her father has an “Aling Pitang visit care bag” which had bottles of water for cleaning, igniter and red candles. Mang Cris also brought white flowers.

And as if it wasn’t enough, Mang Cris kept talking lovingly to his beloved wife. He said, “Nandito na kami. Nilinis ko na. ‘Wag ka namg mag-alala at hindi ko hahayaang hindi ka mapuntahan kapag nararamdaman kong kailangan mo ako.”

Mayette was touched and impressed at her father’s love and dedication. She said, “Love comes in many forms. My father has chosen to keep all the love in his heart. He knows love is not bounded by time nor distance. Love speaks from the heart.”

And Mang Cris wasn’t done tugging at hearts yet. He looked at his daughter as he asked her to take care of him too when he would someday join her mother.

He told Mayette,  “Pagdating ng araw hindi na kita iistorbohin, Marita. Andito na rin ako. Linisin mo kapag hindi ka abala. Laanan mo ng panahon.”

Mayette couldn’t contain her emotions as she hugged and told her father, “Kailanman ay hindi ka istorbo, Tay. Hindi abala. Hindi singit. Hindi extra. Ikaw po ay mahalaga. Isa ka sa pinakamahalaga.”

If that didn’t touch you, nothing else will?