GMA’s Mav Gonzales: Choose someone who’ll give you peace, inspiration

“Mabuti nang wala kesa mali.”

This probably sums up why GMA reporter Mav Gonzales remains single up to this day.

In a lengthy Instagram post, Gonzales shared some of her beliefs and realizations about love; inspiring a lot of people who do not have a special someone at present.

“Every time someone tells me I’m single because I have such high standards (eg. expecting a guy to be both attractive and faithful), I internally rip my hair out. Why is loyalty even considered a high standard? I am totally baffled,” she wrote.

“Ladies and gentlemen, there is someone out there who is capable of loving you and ONLY you. Someone who will choose you even if someone more good looking and more successful comes along. Someone who will never make you worry that you are not enough. Someone who will not keep you guessing what your relationship status is,” she continued.

Image via Mav Gonzales Instagram account

She further noted that people must choose someone who will give them peace and inspiration.

“It’s not enough that you like the same things, that he makes you laugh, or that you are physically attracted. Choose someone who will give you peace and inspiration. It took me a while, but I have realized that you are doing yourself and your partner disservice if you insist on a relationship that you know is wrong and unhealthy. Lagi ko ngang sinabi, ‘Mabuti nang wala kesa mali,'” she stated.

To end her post, Gonzales quoted 1 John 4:19 MSG, “First we were loved, now we love.”

Many were inspired by her post and some were able to relate to her ‘words of wisdom’ like one follower who commented “I totally feel you, Mav, minsan nakakapagod na ring mag explain sa mga hindi nakakaintindi .
We’re not looking for prince charming or perfect guy. All we want is someone who is capable of loving us ONLY us.”

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